Our Team

The team at Talrop Grolius consist of young coders and developers. The team is approachable and is committed to the satisfying the clients.

Haleela Fathima AS

Chief Executive Officer

  • Adhil Muhammad

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Vaisakh Raj A

    Chief Business Development Officer

  • Mahadev Ratheesh

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Saira S

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Alamsha A S

    Chief Information Officer

  • Muhammed Siyad S

    Chief Creative Officer

  • Fahad Salman F N

    Chief administrative officer

  • Meenakshi Saril

    Chief Human Resources Officer

  • Yasir Muhammed

    Chief Marketing Officer

  • Rubi A S

    Chief Client Relations Officer

  • Athulya S Nath

    Chief Public Relations Officer