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Talrop Grolius is a creative and innovative web development agency aiming for a technology revolution in society. The young designers, developers and managers are forever committed to a hundred percent efficiency.

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Talrop Grolius is an innovative creation in every respect. Almost 90% of the people find the internet alien and often inaccasible and most of the times are left helpless and bewildered in the "cyber-rush". Small scake business entrepreneurs find it difficult to compete in the market without the internet facilities. It is therefore the ardent wish of the team at Talrop Grolius to assist all those who seek to venture into the world of internet.

CEO's Message

Haleela Fathima

CEO, Talrop Grolius

As the CEO of the team i strongly believe that Talrop Grolius can definitely bring about a tech revolution in the society. Contemporary world demands every individual to have an identity on the internet. However the very task to do so is often not affordable to the laymen. Talrop grolius aims to help people have customised websites for their specific needs taking extreme care to meet the demands and desires of the clients. It is also the wish of the team to enable people from all strata of society engaged in various fields to have an easy access to the cyberspace

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The team at Talrop Grolius consist of young coders and developers. The team is approachable and is committed to the satisfying the clients.

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